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CareMyWay, the new data sharing scheme being introduced in Islington


Does Healthwatch have views on CareMyWay and data sharing? After the NHS sold previous shared data, I am wondering whether to opt out of this. I am sure others are too. Thanks and best wishes, Islington Resident

We've received a lot of queries on this and as Local Healthwatch we don't have a view on it, though we can see the benefit of sharing healthcare data between healthcare professionals with consent. A lot of people that we speak to actually thought that this already happened! Also, with CareMyWay, this will eventually give patients the opportunity to access their own records more easily than at present.

The Clinical Commissioning Group (which has led on the scheme) has assured Healthwatch Islington that this scheme will be managed very differently from care.data, the national scheme that included the potential selling of data. Healthwatch raised concerns about the care.data scheme because it did not appear to give us as patients enough control about where our data was shared.

The CareMyWay scheme would be consent based and would only involve sharing of data between healthcare professionals involved in your care. It wouldn't include selling off of data to companies and so on. The idea is to help improve patient care, but we do understand that people have concerns about how their data may be shared.

You can read more about the scheme on Islington Clinical Commissioning Group's website. If you have further concerns, you could contact the CCG via the email Islington.idcrproject@nhs.net to ask specific questions.

You do also have the right to opt out and could ask your GP practice to enable this.


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