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Your spotlight on local services

'It's great to know my uncle is in safe hands.'


Mrs I is a white British woman in her 60s. She talks about the care provided to her uncle, who is also present. His care is provided by Allied Healthcare.

'We wanted to say how fantastic my uncle's carer Gloria is. She is superb, she does the shopping, cleaning, gets him up, gives him breakfast, washes him and gives him dinner, cup of tea and biscuits at teatime. I never see his fruit bowl empty she always makes sure its full for him. The care was awful before we changed to Allied.

'At weekends it's slightly different, he gets men carers. I'm not so keen, you know I think a woman's touch is best as they notice little things. Like, you see they don't put him in his pyjamas and I think this is odd, it might be that he says that he's fine but you would try and insist wouldn't you? You see my uncle doesn't like to be any trouble. They all log in and log out
We're really lucky because with Gloria we don't need to complain, she's marvellous but I'm sure if there was a problem then firstly my uncle would let Gloria know first, then us second! No seriously, its great to know my uncle is in safe hands. But if we ever had any concerns then we would contact firstly Allied.

'We do however need some help over a couple of things, firstly my uncle likes his Chinese food, you know something a bit different from the usual food he eats. We would like to know how he could get that sometimes as a dinner option. We also would like to know if it's possible to get him a narrower wheelchair so that he can get by himself into the kitchen area or to the toilet when he's on his own. You know, just a little bit more independence.'

We spoke to Mrs I (her name has been changed to protect her anonymity) as part of our look into home care services in the borough. You can see the full report here. Our thanks to Islington Council and the care agencies concerned for helping us to contact to residents receiving council funded home care services.


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