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Your spotlight on local services

'My carer makes me feel safe.'


Mr K is White British and in his 60s. He wasn't sure which agency provides his care. He has mobility issues following a hip replacement and heart problems. The respondent had a hospital appointment that they needed to attend, and so the conversation was cut short.

'I have a support worker and a carer. The carer visits me every day and logs in and out via the phone. They visit me on a Monday morning, Tuesday morning, Wednesday morning and then get me ready for bed in the evening, Thursday morning, Friday morning and evening and then Saturday and Sunday morning and evening.

'You see last week I had a fall, I fell off the bus, that platform thing came down and I went to get off it when my foot wouldn't do what I wanted it to do. I fell you see, it was bad, real bad, it took all my skin off my shin and then it got infected, I'm now on antibiotics, it did bleed you know, really bleed. I got this nice lady and she took me to the surgery, she comes every Monday and takes me to the surgery and then we go shopping.

'They log in and log out via the telephone and they keep to their timings. I've had this company caring for me since last autumn so it's not been for very long. I find them good.

'My carer makes me feel safe, she goes down and picks my money up, she helps with my shopping and gets to carry my bags so I don't fall over like I did from the bus the other day. It got infected you know, its really bad, I'm on antibiotics. I spoke to the doctor last week as I need one of those chairs that make it easier to get out of it. I need help with the stairs, my walking. I had a fall you know, my walking ability isn't what it used to be when I was young.'

We spoke to Mr K (his name has been changed to protect hisr anonymity) as part of our look into home care services in the borough. You can see the full report here. Our thanks to Islington Council and the care agencies concerned for helping us to contact to residents receiving council funded home care services.


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