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Your spotlight on local services

'There's no malice in it but they don't think, and it doesn't help that they keep changing.'


Mr C is White British, in his 70s and has reduced mobility. Allied Healthcare provide his care. Here's his story about the care he receives at home, told in his own words.

'They come between 9:00 and 9:30[am]. It's all right but I get lots of different ones, they don't know what I need. I don't want to complain, they work hard, but I live and sleep in my chair, there's no movement – I'm hoping my regular carer gets well – need someone regular. The problem is I am stuck in my chair. Everything I need needs to be in reach. But for example some of them leave my walking stick on the bed. There's no malice in it but they don't think, and it doesn't help that they keep changing. Some are fine. Sometimes they have a tendency to take over. They ignore my wishes and do things off their own back.

'There was a new girl this morning. There's another guy, but he thinks he knows best, he decides when I'll change my trousers even if I say no. It makes me angry. He said I smell. It's my legs that don't work but I've got my mind. I've got good friends, neighbours keep an eye on me, I'm sick of being in the chair. Another friend took me out to the supermarket.

'I live in the living room. I miss my regular carer terribly. They think they know what's best for me. The regular carer took me out each day to a diner or to do shopping. I've not been out for ages, no idea what's in the fridge. Can't get out of my chair to look.

'This other guy over-rides my wishes. The regular carer always acted on my wishes. I feel irritated but I don't want to complain, [Regular carer had gone away and apparently not come back, though we could not ascertain why]. I want him to come back for Christmas, I don't want to be alone.

They come at 5:00[pm] to make me an evening meal. Usually a sausage roll and a cup of tea. I used to go out for a full meal [with the regular carer] But they don't take me out, I haven't had a full meal in ages, they say they don't have permission from the boss. He was supposed to come last week but he didn't but he said he is coming today (though he hadn't at 2:00pm, the time of the call).

  • When asked if he knew how to complain the respondent stated that he was expecting that visit this afternoon and would try and talk to the boss and see what he thinks.
  • When asked if he felt safe he replied: 'I feel fine, safe and have wonderful neighbours. I'm surrounded by nice people but I miss my regular carer.'

We spoke to Mr C (his name has been changed to protect his anonymity) as part of our look into home care services in the borough. You can see the full report here. Our thanks to Islington Council and the care agencies concerned for helping us to contact to residents receiving council funded home care services.


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