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Your spotlight on local services

'We used the complaints process but it didn't resolve anything. They can always find other clients.'


Ms E was contacting us on behalf of a relative and keen to maintain anonymity.

'No one reads the care plan. They're supposed to give her breakfast but there's no food in the house so they stored food at the sister's house next door. They say they have given her orange juice and toast and tea but how can they have done when they haven't been to the sister's house next door to pick it up?

'There's no food in the home because of her dementia. One day they gave her some dry cornflakes and a cup of water. No one reads the care plan. There's notes on everything in the house to help memory. We photographed the empty fridge to show them. The problems went on and on. They weren't washing her. I walked in and thought 'what's that smell?' they didn't wash her and her nappy was full of faeces. I talked to the carer about it but she just said that x had only wanted her back washed. She doesn't have capacity. They say, that x sent them away, but she's got dementia.

'They don't read the care plan. It's obvious she has got dementia, even after a couple of minutes with her. I've made a report about it. My mother's carer could back me up, she keeps an eye on it and checks on the carers. At the weekend they didn't make her bed. They put a dry clean mattress protector over a wet sheet, a stinking wet sheet. It was between two wet sheets, it won't dry like that. She's incontinent. She had an accident and they just threw her nightie in the bin without even washing it.

'She doesn't have a phone because of her dementia and she was dialling all sorts of numbers. So they don't log in and out. But other people are sometimes around when the carer claims to have been there and they've not been.

'Their response to our complaint was a pack of lies. I've said I want to take it further. We used the complaints process but it didn't resolve anything. They can always find other clients. We're worried about old people without family around. They get away with this, with this lack of care. They cancelled the care plan due to our complaint and we had no support for her and so had to run around to find another provider. All different carers as a result of that [with London Care].

'Islington Council are using agencies that the Care Quality Commission don't give a good rating. No-one is keeping an eye on the finances. On some occasions they paid the agency but they've not turned up. [the relative pays monthly to towards the fees]. It's not right to charge for the service and then not turn up.'

We spoke to Mrs E (her name has been changed to protect her anonymity) as part of our look into home care services in the borough. You can see the full report here. Our thanks to Islington Council and the care agencies concerned for helping us to contact to residents receiving council funded home care services.


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